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All Of Me - John Legend

All Of Me - John Legend

“All Of Me” was released on August 12th, 2013 and it’s a song by the American singer John Legend. It was written by John Stephens and Toby Gad and produced by Dave Tozer and John Legend. The muse behind the ballad is the artist’s wife, Chrissy Teigen. The song belongs to the R&B genre and it was recorded throughout the year 2013.

Legend’s first performance of the song happened at the show “Oprah’s Next Chapter”, in June 2013. Later that year, it was premiered at iTunes, as the third single from the singer’s album, “Love In The Future”. Another version of the song, using country influences, as released by Jennifer Nettles and John legend, in 2014. Also, Dutch producer Tiesto, released a remix version of the song.

“All Of Me” received positive feedback from the music critics, with acclaims going from the artist’s wonderful voice to naming the song “mountainous piano crusher”, the “essential track” from the album, or “sentimental sound”.

The single proved to be a great commercial success, staying at number two in the Billboard Hot 100 for no less than six weeks and eventually, topping the chart, in 2014. It was John Legend’s first number one in ten years.

The song was a success worldwide, topping most of the world’s charts. That includes Australia, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden, Portugal, Switzerland, UK and others. It also reached number one on the US Adult Contemporary, US Adult Top 40, US Adult R&B Songs charts. In the United Kingdom, the single stayed on the charts for eighteen weeks.

“All Of Me” sold a huge amount of copies worldwide, being certified platinum six times in Australia, five times in Canada, two times in New Zealand, eight times in the United States and also in Norway, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. It received gold certification in Mexico, Denmark, Austria, Germany and Belgium.

John Legend offered live performances of the single during the shows “Late Show With David Letterman”, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and “The Wendy Williams Show”.

The music video for “All Of Me” was filmed in Italy, right before the singer’s wedding with the song’s muse. The ending scene is part of their wedding, which took place in Lake Como, Italy. The full video was released on October 2nd, 2013.

“All Of Me” is one of John Legend’s most successful singles and definitely, one of the best songs to have been released in the past years.

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