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Let Her Go - Passenger

Let Her Go - Passenger

The Let Her Go's lyrics are accompanied by a chorus, which appears five times during the song. The track has a very diverse structure and instrumentation ending in a performed a cappella and including vocals, bass, piano, strings, drums and guitar. The song is played in G minor.

The song was released on July 24th, 2012 by the world wide renowned British singer, Passenger.

“Let Her Go” was recorded at Linear Recordings, in Sydney, Australia, in 2011 and it was released as digital download. The song was produced by Mike Rosenberg and Chris Vallejo. It has a length of 4:13 minutes on the album version and 3:37 on the radio edit. The track is a mixture of the genres folk rock and indie pop.

“Let Her Go” was an international hit and it topped the charts worldwide, in countries such as: Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Australia, Mexico, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Norway, Greece and New Zealand. It reached top ten in various other countries throughout the globe. Its success didn’t just limit on popularity, but also commercially, as it sold an enormous number of copies. It was certified platinum seven times in Australia, six times in Canada, five in Sweden, three in Italy, Denmark and the United States, two times in New Zealand and the United Kingdom , platinum in Germany, Belgium and Switzerland and gold in Spain and Finland. The single sold over four million copies in the United States, over 1 200 000 copies in the United Kingdom and hundreds of thousands in other countries.

“Let Her Go” has been covered by many artists throughout the time since its release. In 2013, Italian singer, Violetta Zironi performed the song during the show “The X Factor” and also included it on her first EP. Also in 2013, the British singer, Birdy recorded a cover and named it “Let Him Go”. Other artists to have covered the song include the Dutch band, Within Temptation, for their album,”Hydra”.

An acoustic version of “Let Her Go”, on a limited edition of only 1500 copies was offered in support of college radio in the United States.

“Let Her Go” has also been used during the Super Bowl, the TV show, “Stella” and in the Canadian show, “Heartland”.

The single proved to be a major hit for Passenger, as well as for the genres themselves. It was written by Mike Rosenberg and the lyrics depict sad emotions of regret and lost love.

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Let Her Go free piano sheet music - Passenger

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