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Piano Man - Billy Joel

Piano Man - Billy Joel

The song was recorded throughout the year 1873, in Los Angeles and it was produced by Michael Stewart. It's a mixture of the soft rock and folk rock genres. The track is part of the album with the same name, for which Joel eventually managed to sign with Columbia Records. It is played in C major and runs a 3/4 waltz time signature.

"Piano Man" was released on November 2nd, 1973 by the famous singer Billy Joel. In an attempt to run away from Family Productions, the recording company with which he had previously signed a contract, Joel started performing at a bar using the nickname "Bill Martin". This experience served as the inspiration for "Piano Man"'s lyrics, of which the artists confesses that includes only real persons from the bar where he used to work: a businessman, a waitress, a bartender, a "real estate novelist" and a Navy sailor.

"Piano Man" has had two different videos, one that was shot in 1974, and another one, in 1975. The videos featured similar scenes and different lengths. The song reached number four on the "Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks" and at number 25 on the "Billboard Hot 100". It was a success worldwide, as it peaked number ten on the Canadian Singles Chart and it was present in many other countries' charts, such as Australia, Ireland and others.

After its success, Billy Joel has grown very popular in Canada. After "Piano Man", every single which he's ever released, reached a higher position in the Canadian charts than the ones in the United States.

In 1977, as a result of the singer's album, "The Stranger", release, "Piano Man" has had an increasing popularity. It turned to be one of the top "oldies" on the radio stations and it became Joel's signature song. It's the singer's number one song on iTunes, up to this day. The artist usually performs it at the end of his concerts, as he allows his audience to sing the chorus part.

Noel's tour with Elton John was often referred to as "Rocket Man meets Piano Man", as a marketing strategy.

"Piano Man" is placed at number 421 in the list of "500 Greatest Songs of All Time", made by the Rolling Stones magazine.

Due to its popularity, the song has been covered by many artists throughout the time. The list includes Patrick Harris and Matthew Morrison, for the TV series, "Glee", Ana Belén, who made a cover in Spanish, Ari Koivunen, in 2007, Nathan Fillion, for the series "Castle" and many others.

"Piano Man" definitely Billy Joel's most famous single, and also one of the most popular songs of the past decades.

The song has a duration of 5:38 minutes for the album version, and 4:30 minutes on the single version.

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Piano Man free piano sheet music - Billy Joel

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