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Read All About It Part III - Emeli Sande

Read All About It Part III - Emeli Sande

“Read All About It, Pt III” is a song from English artist Emeli Sande. After working with Professor Green on his albums “Alive Till I’m Dead” and “At Your Inconvenience”, and featuring on the rapper’s single “Read All About It”, she resumed her collaboration with the singer for her debut album.

Professor Green’s “Read All About It” topped the UK Singles Chart and was the lead single from “At Your Inconvenience”. The song had a personal signification for the rapper, which determined Sande to record her own version, using her own vision and interpretation of the message.  Sande offered a live performance of “Read All About It, Pt III” at BBC Radio 2, which helped popularize the song.

The single was recorded in 2011 and it’s written by Emeli Sande, Tom Barnes, Stephen Manderson,  Ben Kohn, Iain James and Pete Kelleher.

“Read All About It, Pt III” received mainly positive reviews from music critics, despite some similarities between “Read All About It, PT III” and “Love The Way You Lie, Pt II”, and “Read All About It” and “Love The Way You Lie”.

Emeli Sande offered a live performance of the single at the ending ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics, in August 2012. This led to its popularity to rise and to the sales to increase. In just twelve hours after the performances, “Read All About It, Pt III” reached number eleven on UK iTunes.

The song was produced by Gavin Powell and has a length of 4:42 minutes.

It became an international success, both regarding the popularity and the sales. The single was certified double platinum in Switzerland, after selling over 60 000 copies, gold in the United Kingdom, where it sold more than 400 000 copies, and also gold in Austria, Belgium and Australia.

Despite being a sequel to the duo’s “Read All About It”, “Read All About It, Pt III” has gained its own popularity and appreciation. Sande’s approach of the song’s message received its acclaim from both the public and the critics. The single can stand by itself and provide a different vision and interpretation from the initial one. It has conquered the charts worldwide and became a significant song in the contemporary releases. “Read All About It, Pt III” has a softer approach, yet it maintains the positive original message that was sent to the audience. It has inspired people throughout the world and continues to appear in various charts.

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Read All About It Part III free piano sheet music - Emeli Sande

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