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Right Here Waiting - Richard Marx

Right Here Waiting - Richard Marx

“Right Here Waiting” is part of the Richard Marx’s second album titled “Repeat Offender”. It was recorded in June, 1989, at the Magic Record Studios, in Salt Lake City. The song was initially a love letter from Richard Marx to his wife, Cynthia.

They were later re-arranged to fit the vocals, the classical guitar and the keyboards.

The song was released in June, 1989.

“Right Here Waiting” was produced by Richard Marx and David Cole and it belongs to the soft rock genre. The single is one of Marx’s most successful works, receiving positive feedback from both the public and the music critics. It debuted at number 44 on Billboard Hot 100 and later, it became his thirds number one.

The single was a success in Europe, as well, reaching number two on the UK Singles Chart. It topped the charts for three weeks, and in August, the same year, it was certified gold. It was also the singer’s first song to top the Hot Adult Contemporary chart and his best-selling single so far, receiving a platinum certification from the RIAA. It featured in Billboard’s charts for more than ten years since its release, becoming Richard Marx’s most enduring single so far.

“Right Here Waiting” was a commercial success worldwide, and it topped the charts in New Zealand, Ireland, Canada and Australia. It reached top ten in Switzerland, Sweden, Norway and Belgium. It was certified gold in Canada and silver in the United Kingdom.

The single has had many cover versions throughout the years, most notably Monica’s, which was part of her album “The Boy Is Mine” and topped the Billboard Bubbling Under R&B Hip Hop Singles chart. Other covers that were made include the artists Bonnie Tyler, Portrait, Wayne Wonder, Julio Iglesias, William Hung, Lemon Ice, Ultrabeat, Jason Donovan, Sarah Geronimo and many others.

Pearl Jam made a parody version of the song, in 1995.

Richard Marx has offered many live performances of “Right Here Waiting” throughout the years, as well as the artists who covered it. That includes Cheryl Cole during the show “Popstars: The Rivals”, Westlife, during one of the band’s concerts or Ryan Seacrest, during the television show “American Idol”.

“Right Here Waiting” is a romantic song, which is present in people’s choices even to this day. It’s Richard Marx’s signature song and probably, a landmark for many love songs.

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