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Stay - Rihanna

Stay - Rihanna

“Stay” by Rihanna is a mixture of the pop and R&B genres and has a length of 4 minutes. It features simple piano and guitar chords and the message it sends is about true love and the incapacity of resisting it. The single received mainly positive feedback from music critics, whom praised on Rihanna’s vocals and the distinctive quality of the track. It has been described as "confrontational honest” and “shadowy”. 

Smokey Fontaine stated that

“Three years ago, no one would have paid attention to a beautiful piano-ballad like ‘Stay’. Not because of the events we all witnessed, but because of how honest and emotionally-connected her vocals are”. 

Digital Sky rated the song at four out of five stars and compared her to Lana Del Rey and Emeli Sande.

The song was released on January 7th, 2013 and it’s a song from Barbadian artist Rihanna. The song was recorded in 2012, at the Nightbird Studios and Westlake Recording Studios, both placed in Los Angeles.

“Stay” became a commercial success and topped the US Mainstream Top 100 chart and reached number three on Billboard Hot 100, US Adult Contemporary and second on US Rhythmic and US Adult Top 20. The single was certified platinum four times in the United States after selling over four million copies, two times in Venezuela and New Zealand and five times in Australia. It was also certified platinum in Italy, United Kingdom and Denmark. “Stay” was certified gold in Germany, Spain and Belgium. The song was an international hit, topping the charts in Canada, Denmark, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Israel. It also reached top three in various countries, such as Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Norway, Switzerland and dozens of other nations.

The music video premiered on February 11th, 2013 and it was directed by Sophie Muller. It has been compared to Janet Jackson’s “Every Time” and Britney Spears’ “Everytime”, as well.

Rihanna offered a first live performance of “Stay” during the show “Saturday Night Live”, in November, 2012 and throughout her “777 tour”.  She also performed it at “The X Factor” and alongside Mikki Ekko, at the 2013 Grammy Awards.

“Stay” has been covert by Adam Lambert, the Jonas Brothers, Rebecca Black and Dave Days, The Script, Demi Lovato, Kiley Dean and RaVaughn. An interesting performance was offered by a soldier, on the show “America’s Got Talent”.

“Stay” is definitely one of the most touching ballads we have heard from Rihanna, to this day, and also one of the most beautiful songs of the past years. The song was written by Mikky Ekko and Justin Parker, who were recruited for her seventh album, “Unapologetic”.

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Stay free piano sheet music - Rihanna

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