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You Raise Me Up - Josh Groban

You Raise Me Up - Josh Groban

“You Raise Me Up” was initially released on March 26th, 2002 by the band Secret Garden. The song’s original title was “Silent Story” and was written by Brendan Graham and Rolf Lovland. It was first performed at the funeral of the latter’s mother. The track was part of Secret Garden’s album, “Once In A Red Moon” and it was sung by Brian Kennedy.  Unfortunately, it did not gain much success at the time, but it has been covered by hundreds of artists, the most notable version being Josh Groban’s.

Josh Groban made a cover of “You Raise Me Up” as a result of David Foster’s decision to produce the song and pick an artist to record it. They started working in 2003 and released the song in September 2004. Groban is accompanied by the tenor Craig Von Vennik. The cover popularized the song like never before, eventually topping the Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks chart, where it stayed for six weeks.

The single was a commercial success as well as an international hit. It reached Billboard Hot 100 and the charts worldwide, such as the Swiss Singles Chart, Danish Singles Chart, Austrian Singles Chart and the French Singles Chart. “You Raise Me Up” received mainly positive reviews from the music critics and it won Groban a Grammy Awards nomination.

Some particular live performances of the song helped Groban gain even more popularity, such as the one at the Super Bowl, during a NASA commemoration, and the one at Oprah Winfrey’s birthday. Groban also performed the cover at the Idol Gives Back Concert, which was later released as a single. Other occasions in which he offered live performances include the ones at The Ellen DeGeneres Show and at the talent show “Any Dream Will Do”.

“You Raise Me Up” belongs to the operatic pop genre and it has a relatively long length of 4:52 minutes.

Other notable artists that covered the song include the Irish band Westlife. It was part of their album “Face To Face” and it was released in 2005. The song was a great success in the United Kingdom, topping the UK Singles Chart and the Irish Singles Chart. It also reached number three on the Australian Singles Chart and the Norwegian Singles Chart.

“You Raise Me Up” has been covered by numerous other artists, such as Wesley, Celtic Women, Selah, Becky Taylor and many other hundreds. This is the proof of the song’s enduring quality and of the public’s recurrent demand for it.

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You Raise Me Up free piano sheet music - Josh Groban

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