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Clarity - Zedd

Clarity - Zedd

"Clarity" is one of Zedd's greatest songs so far and a contemporary hit. It gained recognition from the music critics as well as from the audience.

"Clarity" was written by Anton Zaslavski, Porter Robinson, Holly Hafermann and Matthew Koma. The song was produced by Zedd and it belongs to the EDM genre. British singer Foxes also appears on the song, contributing with the vocals.

The song was released on December 14th, 2012 and it's a song from German electronic dance music producer Zedd.

"Clarity" was iTunes' "Single Of The Week" and it was also released as an EP, four months later, through  Interscope Records. There has been an extended remix of the single, which was released on Beatport and on February 18th, 2013.
The song is part of the Interscope label and it has two versions: one of 4:31 minutes, and a shorter one, which runs a duration of 3:27 minutes.

Zedd organized a remix contest, and from 982 participants, Tom Budin was the one to be offered the chance of having his remix track appearing on the producer's upcoming release.

Due to "Clarity"'s success, it has been covered by many artists. The list includes  Jessica Sanchez, who covered it for the television series, "Glee", in 2013, during a guest appearance. She also performed it alongside the German produced, as an acoustic version which was popularized through YouTube. Another cover was made by Michelle Chamuel, a contestant on the fourth season of the talent show, "The Voice". A similar cover was made by Ellona Santiago, who performed it at another talent show, "The X Factor USA". Jena Irene also covered the song on the television show, “American Idol".

The song was a hit and it reached number eight on the Billboard Hot 100, and it became the artist's most popular and successful single in the United States as well as throughout the world.

"Clarity" was a major commercial as it sold 2 200 000 copies in the United States alone. The single received important recognition and Zedd won a Grammy award for "Best Dance Recording", in 2014.

The song was certified platinum by the RIAA and by Music Canada, two times platinum in Australia, and gold in New Zealand and Venezuela.

The single topped the "US Hot Dance Club Songs” chart and it reached number two on the "US Hot Dance/Electronic Songs" and on the "US Mainstream Top 40". The single was also present in most of the charts worldwide.


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