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Please Come Home for Christmas - Charles Brown

Please Come Home for Christmas - Charles Brown

"Please Come Home For Christmas" was written by Charles Brown and Gene Redd. The song reached number 76 on the Billboard Hot 100, in 1961 and topped the Christmas Singles Chart, in 1972. It was present there for nine years. It is a traditional Christmas song, as it uses many references to the season and it has the specific Church bell sound. The song is a mixture of the rhythm and blues genres, specially adapted for Christmas.

The song has also been named "Bells Will Be Ringing", as these are the first lyrics to appear on the song.

"Please Come Home for Christmas" was initially released in 1960 and it's a Christmas song from American artist, Charles Brown. The blues singer recorded the song on September 21st, 1960. It has a relatively small length, of only 2:50 minutes, and it's part of the "King" label's repertory.

Due to the song's success and popularity during the season, it has been covered by important artists throughout the time. One of the most notable ones is the American rock band "Eagles". Their cover was released on November 27th, 1978 and had a length of 2:57 minutes. This song's cover is a mixture of the rhythm and blues, Christmas and rock musical genres. It was recorded at the Bayshore Recording Studios, in Florida and it was produced by Bill Szymczyk. The cover peaked at number 18 on the "Billboard Hot 100" chart and at number 15 on the "Billboard Adult Contemporary" chart.

This song had also been covered by Bon Jovi. The song was produced by Jimmy Iovine and it was part of his 1992 album "A Very Special Christmas 2". The single itself was released in 1994 and reached the charts in Ireland and in the United Kingdom. Supermodel Cindy Crawford appeared on the music video for the song. It was part of the Mercury label and had a duration of 2:53 minutes.

"Please Come Home For Christmas" has had covers from numerous other important artists. The list includes Lady Antebellum, Kelly Clarkson, James Brown, Aaron Neville, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Clay Walker, Christina Perri and many others.

The Christmas song proved to be durable and successful. Decades after its first release, "Please Come Home For Christmas" still receives demand from the public and it's present in the charts.

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Please Come Home for Christmas free piano sheet music - Charles Brown

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