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Where Do I Begin - Francis Lai

Where Do I Begin - Francis Lai

"(Where Do I Begin?) Love Story" was published in 1970 and it's a popular song that was written by Carl Sigman and composed by Francis Lai. The song was initially just a musical theme for the movie "Love Story", which was launched in 1970. Because of its increasing popularity, lyrics were added by Carl Sigman. It was used in the television series, "Love Story", which aired between 1973-1974.

"(Where Do I Begin?) Love Story" has been covered by dozens of artists throughout the time. The list includes mostly important names, such as
  • Andy Williams;
  • Johnny Mathis;
  • Paul Mauriat;
  • Googoosh;
  • Vikki Carr;
  • Patty Pravo;
  • Rick Astley;
  • Richard Clayderman;
  • Vikki Carr, Alfio;
  • Shirley Bassey;
  • Patricia Kaas;
  • Richard Clayderman;
  • José José;
  • Plácido Domingo;
  • Patty Pravo;
  • Donald Braswell II;
  • Nino Tempo & April Stevens;
  • Estela Nunez;
  • Francis Lai and Henry Mancini.

The first artist to record  "(Where Do I Begin?) Love Story" was Andy Williams. His cover was the most successful one, as it reached number nine on the Billboard Hot 100 and topped the easy listening chart, for a total amount of four weeks. The song also grew successful in the United Kingdom, where it peaked at number four on the UK Singles Chart. He offered a live performance of the song on "The Muppet Show". Another successful cover was made by Francis Lai himself, along with an orchestra and it reached number 31 on the charts in the United States. Henry Mancini's cover had even more success, as it reached number 13.

Patty Pravo's version was part of her album, ""Di vero in fondo", and it was released as "Grazie amore mio", with lyrics from Sergio Bardotti.

Nora Aunor's cover was included on the album "The Golden Hits of Nora Aunor" and it was featured on the movie "In the name of love".

Gary Valenciano's song was used in the film "In The Name of Love", in 2011.

"Love Story" served as a background for the song "Dance with the Devil", sung by Immortal Technique.

Artists such as Ray Conniff modified the lyrics, by replacing the word "she" with "you".

The remix that was made by Away Team appeared in the television series "The L Word".

"Love Story" is one of the most successful and most covered songs of all time. It is a wonderful love song, with a popularity that kept growing throughout the years, as the public's demand for it never stopped.

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