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Gravity - Sara Bareilles

Gravity - Sara Bareilles

"Gravity" was written by Sara Bareilles herself and it's part of her first major-label album titled "Little Voice". The album was released on the 3rd of July, 2007. The song was produced by Eric Rosse. Initially, the song was released on Sara Bareilles' album "Careful Confessions".

The single received mainly positive reviews from music critics, some describing it as "haunting" and that it's "strong evidence that Bareilles's song craft may yet warrant the stardom she's attained". Other critics stated that the song "speaks to the paradoxes and complexity of relationships". Her concerts and performances of the song were described as "night's bravest and most powerful performance" as she "brilliantly sang fan favorite Gravity". The video for "Gravity" was shot in just one sequence.

"Gravity" was released in February 3rd, 2009.

As the single became more and more popular, various artists have made covers of it. This includes Louise Dearman, on the album "Here Comes The Sun", Kelly Clarkson, throughout the "Stronger World Tour", as she praised on the singer's vocals.

"Gravity" was also performed by many artists on some television shows, such as Alex & Sierra, on the 2013 "The X Factor", in the United States", Mary Joyner on "America's Got Talent", Brittany Cairns on "The Voice", Australia and Jeremy Rosado on American Idol.

"Gravity" was present in the charts from South Korea, where it reached number 44, and in New Zealand, where it reached number 25.

Due to the song's popularity, it has been used in various YouTube video compilations with romantic stories. A similar situation happened with a fan made video of the characters Annie and Jeff. The show's producer, Dan Harmon, was so impressed with the result that he introduced a special scene that featured "Gravity", on the episode "Paradigms of Human Memory". He had to pay for the rights to the song. This was the first from a long list that was to come with romantic video compilations that featured the song.

Although a recent single, released in 2009, "Gravity" has gained more and more popularity throughout the years and continues to inspire people as time goes by. The song runs for a duration of 3:52 minutes. The song's music video was released on the same day as the single.

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