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Light My Fire - The Doors

Light My Fire - The Doors

"Light My Fire" was recorded in 1966. It's a mixture of acid rock and psychedelic rock genres. It was written by The Doors' members themselves and produced by Paul A. Rothchild.

Robby Krieger made a partly composition of the song. Inspiration came from Johann Sebastian Bach's Two and Three Part Inventions. The initial version of the song ran a duration of over nine minutes, but because of the radio stations' huge demand for it, an edited version was made, which had a length of less than three minutes.

As part of the promotion, The Doors performed the song on "The Ed Sullivan Show". An agreement was made between the band and the show's producer. It consisted in the band member's promise of changing the lyrics "girl, we couldn't get much higher", into ""girl, we couldn't get much better", to avoid any interpretation of drug use. However, the band didn't stick with the agreement and that was to be their last performance at "The Ed Sullivan Show".

"Light My Fire" was part of the band's debut album, but it was later re-released on their 1983 album, "Alive, She Cried".

The song was released in April, 1967 and it's a song from the band "The Doors".

The single is The Doors' signature song and turned into a major success. It topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for three weeks, as well as the U.S. Cash Box Top 100. It also reached number one on the Irish Singles Chart. The single was commercially successful and it received a gold certification from the RIAA, after selling more than 1 000 000 copies in the United States alone.

"Light My Fire" has been covered by many artists throughout the time. The most notable cover was made by guitarist José Feliciano, in 1968. The song was produced by Rick Jarrard and it belonged to the soft rock genre with flamenco, Spanish guitar and flute influences. It runs a duration of 3:33 minutes and was part of the RCA Victor label. The cover proved to be almost as good as the original and it reached high places on the charts. It peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot 100, only one year after the original release. It was part of the "Feliciano!" album and it can't be determined whether it's "Light My Fire" that made the artist famous or it's the artist that made "Light My Fire" known throughout the world. According to Robby Krieger,

"It's really a great feeling to have written a classic. I think I owe a big debt to Jose Feliciano because he is actually the one, when he did it, everybody started doing it. He did a whole different arrangement on it".

The cover topped the charts in Canada and it reached number two in Brazil, number three in Australia and number six in the United Kingdom.

Another notable cover was made by Shirley Bassey, in 1999. It is, in fact, a remix of the original song and it belongs to the dance-pop genre. Another cover was made by Will Young, in 2002. His version topped the UK Singles chart and sold over 170 000 copies in just one week. "Light My Fire" represents The Doors' signature song, and also a track that managed to survive the decades and still enchant the audience.

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Light My Fire free piano sheet music - The Doors

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