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There You'll Be - Faith Hill

There You'll Be - Faith Hill

"There You'll Be" was initially written for Celine Dion, but the Canadian singer refused it.

The music video for the single features themes from the movie "Pearl Harbor" and it was directed by Michael Bay, the same person whom directed the blockbuster. The song was produced by Byron Gallimore and Trevor Horn and it's part of the Hollywood label.

"There You'll Be" was released in May, 2001 and it's a song from the American country pop artist Faith Hill. It is also the soundtrack for the movie "Pearl Harbor". It also appears on Faith Hill's albums, "There You'll Be" and "The Hits".

The song received mainly positive reviews from the music critics. The song was also a commercial success. It reached number ten on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and topped the US Adult Contemporary chart. The song reached number three on the UK Singles chart, number eleven on the US Hot Country Songs, number fourteen on the US Adult Top 40 and twenty-three on the US Mainstream Top 40 chart.

"There You'll Be" topped the charts in Sweden and Canada and peaked at number two in Belgium. It also reached the charts in many countries worldwide, such as New Zealand, Spain, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Ireland, Australia and many others. In 2008, the single was the eight most downloaded tracks in the United Kingdom. This happened mainly because of the single's presence on the talent show "The X Factor", during one contestant's audition. The song spent fifteen weeks on the British charts.

"There You'll Be" received a Grammy Awards nomination, for "Best Female Pop Vocal Performance" and also a nomination for "Best Original Song", at the Academy Awards.

Due to its popularity, the song has been covered by numerous important artists throughout the time. This includes Sarah Brightman, who covered it in Italian, under the name "Sarai Qui"; Lena Valaitis covered it in German, under the name "Ich lebe für den Augenblick"; Sam Bailey made his version for the album "The Power Of Love"; the Filipina singer Nina covered it for her album, "Nina Sings the Hits of Diane Warren".

The song was also performed by many contestants participating at talent shows, such as Lorna Simpson, Carolynne Poole and  Mary Byrne at "The X Factor". "There You'll Be" is Faith Hill's most successful single to date and also an important contemporary hit. The song runs a duration of 3:40 minutes. The song was written by Diane Warren and it belongs to the pop genre.

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There You'll Be free piano sheet music - Faith Hill

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