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Speak Softly Love (The Godfather Love Theme) - Nino Rota

Speak Softly Love (The Godfather Love Theme) - Nino Rota

Speak Softly Love was specially created for the trilogy "The Godfather", which was first released in 1972. The song has two versions, the one with the lyrics, named "Speak Softly Love", and the instrumental one, without lyrics, called "Love Theme From The Godfather". There have been made some versions in different languages, such as the one in Sicilian, "Brucia La Terra", in Italian, "Parla Più Piano" and also in French, "Parle Plus Bas". The Sicilian one features in the movie's third sequel and it’s sung by Franc D'Ambrosio.

"Speak Softly Love (Love Theme from The Godfather)" was initially recorded by Andy Williams, and this stands as the most popular version of the song. It was produced by Dick Glasser and it has a small duration of only 2:41 minutes. The song was part of the Columbia Records label. The movie score received an Academy Award, in 1974, for "Best original Score", although it was the same one used for the first part of the trilogy and having not won the award the previous year.
The song was also featured in another film, "Fortunella", in 1958.

The song is also known as "Love Theme from The Godfather". It was released in April, 1972. Nino Rota and Larry Kusik are the writers of this masterpiece.

"Speak Softly Love" has been covered by numerous other artists, throughout the time. The list includes:
  • Harry Connick Jr., who named it "Parle Plus Bas" and it was part of the album "Come By Me";
  • Ken Boothe, who used reggae influences; the band Bombi Bitt, as part of the album "Wine Coloured Days";
  • György Korda, who made a Hungarian version;
  • guitarist Slash, from the band Guns N' Roses, who frequently plays it in his concerts;
  • Sergio Franchi, as part of the album "20 Magnificent Songs";
  • the Japanese band, Candies, performed it live during one of their concerts;
  • Rein Alexander, in 2004; Scott Walker, as part of the album, "The Moviegoer";
  • Sofia Rotaru also performed a version of the song for the movie "Song Is Always with Us";
  • the band Hot Club of Detroit made a cover of the song using gypsy jazz influences.

"Speak Softly Love (Love Theme from The Godfather)" is one of the most famous movie scores of all time, as "The Godfather" trilogy is one of the best, most successful movies in film industry's history.

Nino Rota has provided the world with an immortal single that continues to live on with every generation. This is the proof that the song stands for timeless quality.

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Speak Softly Love (The Godfather Love Theme) free piano sheet music - Nino Rota

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