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Light My Fire - Jose Feliciano

Light My Fire - Jose Feliciano

“Light My Fire” was initially released by the band The Doors, in 1967 and covered by Jose Feliciano, in 1968. It was written by the band’s members, especially by Robby Krieger and attributed to The Doors. It started as a composition from Krieger and had its inspiration in Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Two And Three Part Inventions”.

However, the great success and worldwide recognition came with the guitarist Jose Feliciano’s cover of “Light My Fire”. As Krieger himself stated:

“It’s really a great feeling to have written a classic. I think I owe a big debt to Jose Feliciano because he is actually the one, when he did it, everybody started doing it. He did a whole different arrangement on it."

The single was part of the RCA Victor label and it was released in 1968.

The single runs a duration of 3:33 minutes and belongs to the genre soft rock, unlike the first version, which was an acid rock and psychedelic rock song. It also featured Latin influences, such as flamenco, Spanish guitar and flute going along with American pop. The song kept the initial lyrics and the cover was produced by Rick Jarrard while its B-Side was the song “California Dreaming”. It made it possible for the album it belonged to, “Feliciano!” to become a worldwide success. It received various nominations at the Grammy Awards the following year after its release. It was also certified gold by the RIAA.

Jose Feliciano’s “Light My Fire” received international recognition and became very popular as it topped the charts in Canada, reached number two in Brazil, number three in the United States and Australia, number six in the United Kingdom and also reached the charts in countries such as Ireland, Netherlands and France.

Thanks to Feliciano’s cover of “Light My Fire” the song started being covered by numerous other artists. Shirley Bassey re-covered Feliciano’s version, in 1999 and included it on her album, “Something”. The producer was Nicholas Pflug. The song was named “Light My Fire Remix” and it was re-arranged by Johnny Harris. Another notable re-covering was made by Will Young, in 2002. It was also made in Feliciano’s style and it sold more than 170 000 copies in just one week. His cover topped the charts in the United Kingdom, where it was certified gold after selling over 400 000 copies. It also reached the charts in Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Ireland.

Jose Feliciano’s “Light My Fire” is an example of how a cover can exceed the initial work and brought the song to whole different level of popularity and recognition.

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Light My Fire free piano sheet music - Jose Feliciano

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