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Little April Showers - Frank Churchill

Little April Showers - Frank Churchill

"Little April Showers" is a song that was created for the Disney animation production, "Bambi", in 1942. It stood as an imposition of its time and depicts a high intrinsic quality. It has the power of inducting powerful emotional reactions from the audience as it describes both the beauties and the difficulties of the wild. The inspiration for the animation was the book "Bambi, A Life In The Woods", which was written by Felix Salten.

The story is about a doe, named Bambi, who was The Great Prince Of The Forest. It tells his life's story, throughout his childhood with his friend Thumper, a rabbit, and Flower. The sequence containing the animation's theme song, "Little April Showers" is considered one of the best scenes. This sequence describes the moment when Bambi is introduced to a harsher picture of life and the bad side of nature.

"Little April Showers"'s instrumental arrangements, and the vocals belong to Frank Churchill and the lyrics by Larry Morey. The animation and this scene in particular sends a highly positive message of love towards all kinds of species and nature. The emotional impact is enormous as it transcends so many intense aspects. The clarinet solos introduces the audience into the relaxing feeling of a warm rain and continues with its amplification into a storm. The frightening experience impresses the main character as well as the audience which is transposed into his emotional responses and shares them.

The empathy that it's send by the scene along with the song transform it in more than another Disney production, but into a timeless positive message of love.

This Disney classic has provided us with a masterpiece scene and movie score which will live on for centuries.

The minds behind this wonderful movie score, Frank Churchill and Larry Morey, received nominations at the 1942 edition of the Academy Awards ceremony, but for another beautiful piece in "Bambi": "Love Is A Song".

More than 70 years since its release, "Little April Showers" still inspires the generations. It can be regarded as emotional education and a lesson that everybody should shoulder. It inspires the audience to feel as an integrated part of a magical whole, which is nature, with its good parts as well as its bad ones.

"Little April Shower" is an invitation to contemplating the circle of live, the imminence of death, as well as the beauty of life. Many persons regard "Bambi" as one of their favorite Disney animations, with "Little April Shower" as one of the most intense emotional reactions.

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Little April Showers free piano sheet music - Frank Churchill

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