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Try Me, I Know We Can Make It - Donna Summer

Try Me, I Know We Can Make It - Donna Summer

"Try Me, I Know We Can Make It" was released on the 30th of March, 1976. It was written by Donna Summer, Pete Bellotte and Giorgio Moroder and the latter two managed the production of the song. The performer and artist is the American singer, Donna Summer.

The single is part of her third album "A Love Trilogy", which was also launched in the year 1976. The disco song came after Summer's enormous success and breakthrough with a similar disco single, "Love To Love You, Baby", and which also ran a duration of seventeen minutes. It took over the whole first side of the album.

However, "Try Me, I Know We Can Make It" had different durations depending on the label. So, for Oasis' version, the song lasted 4:14 minutes, for Atlantic 4:14 minutes, the same for Groovy and Ariola and a duration of 4:15 minutes on Durium.

"Try Me, I Know We Can Make It"'s B-Side was the single "Wasted".

The song was a great disco success and it reached number one on the "Billboard Hot Dance Club Play". It was featured in the movie "Looking For Mr. Goodbar", in 1977. It also appears in the pilot episode of the 1978 series "Nighthawks".

"Try Me, I Know We Can Make It" has been present in musical culture as well as in the audience's preferences for over three decades. The disco hit reached the charts worldwide and inspired millions to feel its energy and rhythm. Among Donna Summer's greatest hits, preceding her signature song and lasting more than it, the single was the a proof of the artist's musical quality. It topped the disco chart for three consecutive weeks and it stood as her second number one song. It also reached number eighty on the  American pop chart and peaked at number 35 on the soul charts.

"Try Me, I Know We Can Make It" remains, to this day, a demanded dance song, a hit which remembers us all of the golden dance period, from the past century. It allows the audience to dwell into the spirit and enthusiasm of those times, but also feels contemporary as it fulfills all the requests for an immortal, timeless dance hit.

The song belongs to the disco genre and it has a very, very long duration, of 17:57 minutes.

The song was released under the supervision of "Oasis" label, in the United States, "Atlantic" in France and Germany "Groovy" in Netherlands, "Durium" in Italy and "Ariola" in Spain.

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Try Me, I Know We Can Make It - Donna Summer

Published: Wednesday, 10/29/2014 03:46 PM
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Try Me, I Know We Can Make It free piano sheet music - Donna Summer

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