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Hey Jude - The Beatles

Hey Jude - The Beatles

Two years after its release, "Hey Jude" became part of the compilation "The Beatles Again", despite initially being recorded for the "White Album". The inspiration came from a visit that McCartney paid to Lennon's ex wife, Cynthia Lennon and her son, Julian. On his drive back, he came with the idea of writing a song that would comfort Julian regarding his parents' divorce.

"Hey Jude" is considered by most music critics, one of the best singles which The Beatles has offered to the world, as well as one of the best songs in music history.

"Hey Jude" was released on August 26th, 1968 by the famous English rock band, The Beatles. It was written by the great duo, Paul McCartney and John Lennon. The song was recorded at the Abbey Road Studios and the master track at Trident Studios. It was part of the band's record label Apple Records and it was produced by George Martin. The ballad is a mixture of the genres pop and rock and it has a quite long duration of 7:11 minutes.

The single received positive reviews from music critics, with Alan Pollack stating that

"it's such a good illustration of two compositional lessons - how to fill a large canvas with simple means, and how to use diverse elements such as harmony, bass line, and orchestration to articulate form and contrast."

The song received two Grammy nominations, in 1969.

"Hey Jude" is placed at number eight on the list of "500 Greatest Songs of All Time", made by Rolling Stones magazine and number seven on " Beatles' 100 Greatest Songs". According to the list made by Channel 4, it's the fourth best single of all time and following a poll conducted by Mojo magazine, it was voted number one among the greatest songs of all time. As of 2001, the single was inducted into the "National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences Grammy Hall of Fame".

A promotional film for the song was shot in 1968, at the Twickenham Film Studios. Paul McCartney designed the set, while Michael Lindsay-Hogg directed it. It was premiered on September 8th, 1968 in the United Kingdom.

In 1996, the original notes for "Hey Jude" were auctioned by Julian Lennon. As he wrote on the catalog:

"It's very strange to think that someone has written a song about you. It still touches me."

"Hey Jude" quickly became an international hit and a major success for The Beatles. In the United States, it topped the Billboard Hot 100, the US Cash Box and the US Record World. The single reached number one in almost all the charts where in was present, around the globe. The list includes: Sweden, UK, Ireland, Denmark, Austria, Japan, Australia, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Norway and many others. The song received recognition from the RIAA, as well, which certified it four times platinum for the enormous number of copies sold out in the United States alone.

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Hey Jude - The Beatles

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Hey Jude free piano sheet music - The Beatles

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